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Financial Report

Through QualityCare Companies Link, we give real-time visibility and transparency into NEMT performance and care, as well as access to trip scheduling. Cloud-based, peer-to-peer dispatching, combined with GPS tracking, enables us to dramatically improve on-time performance and service visibility.


But what does all that really means? Safe, reliable transportation is one of those benefits, and your members can reach us 24/7/365 as they prefer—app, web, phone or fax—wherever or whenever they need transportation to care. Our system automatically detects and adjusts for issues like traffic or vehicle breakdowns without disrupting service. We also leverage a proprietary algorithm to predict what demand will look like throughout the day based on historical and future trip data, utilization patterns, and projected pick-up times and delays. The pace of technology isn’t slowing

down, and neither are we. From AI-enabled scheduling, we’re pioneering the future of NEMT and building toward a world where access is omnipresent so we can meet members at their moment of need.


Technology is the heart of QualityCare Companies operations, enabling automation, protocol adherence, error reduction, and instant access to data. From our Link–our proprietary scheduling platform–to our call mining platform, to stakeholder apps, portals, and IVA systems, we support our vision of zero missed trips. Every ride is an opportunity to know and serve our members better, setting the foundation for tech-enabled, relationship driven solutions that support moments of need and care everywhere, on any platform or device.

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